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    Sunday 4 November 2018

    Reclaiming My Space

    I have a natural forbia for creepy things and it is one of those aspects of life that gives me a run for my money. I can conquer many mountains but the sight of a big lizard, snake or even big cockroach will get me screaming my lungs out.

    Yesterday as I sat in bed enjoying my morning devotion, I realized there was a strange black like thread handing at the top of the curtain rail. From my recollection there was no black string attached to the curtain so at first I ignored it but my curiosity could not let me rest.

    I got up to get a close look at the curtain edge only to realise it was a big black lizard. Should have seen me sweat and pant like a young girl running short of breath. I sweated in an instant at the sight of this creature comfortably seated at the edge of the curtain rail. It now had raised its head and was glaring at me as if to size up my courage.

    For all I knew, the two of us could not stay in the same space comfortably, one of us had to leave and the question was who would it be?!

    I live in close proximity to my elder sister and she is the typical description of a ninja. She took on the role of being my second mother from childhood, a role she has consistently played till this point in life. Well she is my go to person when it comes to issues like this because her confidence in dealing with such intruders is simply outstanding. Sometimes I wonder whether we are from the same womb because, she is just the typical opposite when it comes to creepy creatures.

    Well as fate would have it, my sister was not available on this particular morning when I needed her the most. I sized up some courage to pull scare tactics at the gigantic creature using a broom but it was not about to move an inch. The monster lizard seemed to have claimed that territory and was not willing to give it up without a fight. All my scare tactics did not seem to work so I gave up and moved to another room where I went about my other morning chores and routines while periodically coming to check whether the intruder was still present or had decided to leave.

    Finally I decided to take a shower in the hope that the creature would be gone by the time I come out of the shower since I had been generous enough to leave the window next to the curtain rail wide open. To my shock, when I got back there was no creature seated on the curtain rail but this simply raised my suspicions. And indeed my suspicions were right, the monster lizard had come down the curtain as if it follow me to the bathroom and now was confidently stationed in the middle of the room with its head raised ready for a fight.

    I picked up a broom to try and scare it away, only for it to run behind a set of suitcases where I could not see its face but could see its tail. Even then, I did not have the courage to hit it so I chose to ignore it or rather decided to dress up without its face staring at me. Once I was done, I moved to the next room and continued with my other duties but kept checking to ensure it was still there. I kept waiting hoping my ninja would show up soon and would help me deal with this disrespectful intruder.

    Unfortunately my sister did not come back until late in the night and by that time she was exhausted. I had lost track of where this monster had disappeared to as well so I convinced myself to go to bed in the hope that this new housemate would leave me rest in peace so we can pick up the fight the next morning. It was the longest night I have had in a while. For a start I failed to sleep no matter how much I tried, I kept tossing the entire night and by morning I looked worn out.

    I suppose my new housemate had a good night sleep because I did not hear any movements in my night watching hours while tossing from side to side. Dawn was here and I was determined to reclaim my space. The thing I like about dawn is that it gives each of us an opportunity to start afresh and this was my moment indeed. I went through my morning rituals quickly and as I was about to go take a shower, the new housemate showed up to intercept me again. With its head raised, it stood in my way as if to make a statement. This time I was not about to lose the fight but first needed to call for backup support.

    I screamed for my sister who came running like my house was on fire only to be told there is a big lizard in my room. She did what she does best and soon the intruder was not only thrown out of my house but had lost its life in the battle. As much as I felt sorry for my fallen fellow, I was relieved to have back my space and to enjoy every bit of it at will.

    Thinking about this scenario pointed me to similar experiences I have had in different relationships. We often let people into our lives or they let themselves in only to dictate how we should live our lives. People should be let into your space only if they add value to the quality of your life. It is not worth entertaining people who intimidate, demean or even belittle you. You have the master keys to your space and you can dictate who stays or leaves.

    Reclaim your space, your life, your decisions and whatever else has been taken from you by monster intruders. Seek help if you must but don't stay in toxic relationships that literally suck the life out of you.

    Your life is worth living, don't entertain negative energy around you because it will eat you up like a cancer. Take a stand against unhealthy associations, uninvited custodians in your life or whatever else has become an intruder in your life thus inhibiting you from thriving. Reclaim your space, take back your territory and that is something you need to do today!

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