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    Thursday 11 October 2018

    My reflections about personal independence:

    It has been said that the strongest prisons we will ever encounter are not the ones built for us but rather the ones we build for ourselves. We are often prisoners of our own making. We tend to build our prisons and serve as prison keepers for the same. What holds us back from our independence is not what others do to is but rather what we do to ourselves.

    Your independence is sorely your own description. You have the power to paint the clouds blue or grey, to add the sun or moon in your painting and at the end of the day you're ensnared by your own creation. No one has the power to hold you captive unless you let them. No one can make you feel anything without your permission.

    When we convince ourselves that our independence is in the hands of another man, we deceive ourselves. Its your own making that you are where you are. I know we could argue this from diverse point yet at the end of the day we each have the power to choose our path. We might choose consciously or unconsciously.

    It is true that circumstances and the environments we grow in play a major role in shaping how we see the world. At end of each road we still meet with ourselves. No one can ever make your first cry for you because its your inherent right and it remains the same till your final breath.

    We learn to designate this right to different people as we go through the different stages of life but in the end we speak for how we chose to live outlives. People only restate how they saw us live our lives because the living is a role we can never delegate in life. So your independence is your mandate and yours to define.

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