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    Wednesday 1 June 2016

    Spider Web principles In Business

    A couple of days ago I watched a rare spider specie build its web in one of the top corners in my bathroom. I was intrigued by the uniqueness of the spider and the nature of web it was weaving. For minutes I watched the spider go about its business with uninterrupted enthusiasm and consistence. I could not help but wonder if that is what people notice when they watch me go about the different duties of my business. I had to rush to work so I resorted to following up on this project when I got home that evening.

    By the time I got home, the spider had be killed by an insect but the web still stood firm and intact. It’s been two weeks now and the web is still as strong as it was the first day even after attempts of poking and pouring water on it. The spider web does have a center and the web is constructed with a series of concentric circles going out from the center.

    Uganda happens to be one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world; nine out of ten Ugandans are able or have ever started a business. Unfortunately 70% of these businesses never make it past their first birthday. As leaders and entrepreneurs, we could learn so much for the spider web principles. There are practices that happen in the world of leadership that are more easily explained using word pictures rather than “accepted” leadership jargon. These are behaviors, styles and attitudes that are part of a leader’s everyday experience but are seldom explained to us in ways that allow understanding and give us practical steps to manage the practice.

    Build for Generations:
    Many young people start business to make a living for themselves and their families. When the going gets tough, it is no wonder that many people call it quits and move on to something else. In order to build a business that will stand the test of time, we need to build purpose driven businesses rather than necessity based business. Invest your life in something that you will be happy to pass on to your grandchildren. This is one of the fundamental business principles that Indians use and they are successful in their family businesses. We need to look past the current necessity into the future needs and sustainability of the generations to come. Part of building for generations involves building systems and structures in businesses that are sustainable, taking into consideration environmental as well as human resource factors.

    Self-sustaining systems:
    The spider takes time to weave a web that can stand the test of time with or without its presence. We have heard numerous companies that have collapsed after the death of the founder partly because there were no sustainable systems to keep the company running without its core team player. As leaders and entrepreneurs, it is vital that we set up systems in our companies and businesses that are self-sustaining so as to ensure the continuity of the business long after our departure or moving on to other things.

    Unmatchable quality:
    Whatever we set out to do, we should aim at being the best at it. A friend of mine said, there is no point in making a spectacular dive if you have no intention of doing it exceptionally. There is a tendency among many young entrepreneurs to cut corners in an effort to get to the top of the ladder in the shortest time possible. Short cuts inevitably always turn out to be long painful paths. I have learnt the art of diligence in consistently doing the right thing, the right way until it pays off. If you falter at the planting phase, you are bound to feel the impact at the harvesting time. As leaders and entrepreneurs, we ought to aim for excellence in all that we do and nothing less. The quality of your work will be tested with time.

    Clarity of purpose:
    I want to believe that when a spider sets out to build a web, it is not passing time neither is it engaging a non-productive work. Visionary leadership is a crucial issue in this day and age. Nobody wants to follow someone who has no idea about where they are heading. It is paramount that as a leader and entrepreneur, you have a clear sense of purpose and direction regarding where you want to lead your team to. Have clear goals and objectives to govern the strategies that your team implements. I have learnt a vital lesson over time that being busy does not mean productivity. Productivity is a byproduct of well-crafted goals matched with the appropriate strategies.

    Effective time management:
    We all have 24 hours a day and what we do with them is really a matter of choice. The reality is that some people achieve so much with their time while others simply waste this valuable resource. As a leader and entrepreneur, you must learn the importance of effectively managing your time because it is one of the most precious limited resources at your disposal. Every minute lost can never be recovered. When a spider sets out to build its web, it does not waste time until it is content with the results. Such should be the mindset that we embrace as we go about our business.

    There is so much we can learn from our daily occurrences that can inspire us to become better people and more competent workers. Each day we are presented with enormous learning experiences and those who are open to learning will be able to recognize those opportunities as they present themselves. ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will come”.