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    Monday 7 March 2016

    The Best Of You

    Life is not a show, neither is it a competition. We each have a unique race that is set before us and only you have what it takes to run that race successfully. There is no point in trying to compare yourself with other people or trying to be someone that you are not. Be content in yourself and in your abilities even as you aim at becoming the best version of you.

    I meet a lot of young people who aspire to be the richest, the greatest, the most famous and the list goes on. At some point of my life I aspired for the same and soon realized it was like chasing after the wind. It is hard to predict how the standards and scales for most of these things are set so it is almost impossible to stay at the top forever. The only place where there is no strife or competition is at the top of your own mountain which in essence is your life.

    Aspiring to be the best at something in comparison to others is futile. Be you and aspire to be the best of you. Be confident in your abilities to accomplish your purpose which only you can do. When you master yourself and your abilities then there is no limit to what you can become. When you are operating from your zone, there is no competition or threat of losing ground.

    I have grown comfortable in the fact that the best I can be is myself and not anybody else. To be the best at anything, it is advisable that you aim at being your best self. You are the only original version of you so live your life in a way that sets the trends and pace for others to follow.

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