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    Thursday 3 March 2016

    Generational Pace Setters

    In every generation, there is a small breed of remnants that simply refuse to align with the status quo by constantly pushing against the pre-set limits. They are celebrated by some while ridiculed by others because they appear to be out of league. They are the few innovators that set the pace for the others to follow. They rise above the general expectations to set new records and standards.

    We are each influenced by someone or some people whether we are aware of it or not and in turn will offer a role model and influence to those who seek to emulate us. The interesting thing about pace setting and influencing others is the fact that it works both for the positive as well as the negative influences. Question is do you know whose pace you are following?

    If you don’t stop to evaluate the strides of your life, you could have the intention to go one way and yet end up down a totally different lane. We each have the power to decide how we want our lives to turn out. I believe that life is not a matter of fate but rather choice. If you don’t make the vital choices in your life, someone will definitely make those choices on your behalf.

    Many people want the fruit but shun away from the process of producing that fruit. Many young people want to be great and very influential without going through the process that made the people they want to emulate who they are. The key to bearing similar fruit as you see in another person’s life is to sow similar seeds as they have sown. However many of us are not willing to go through the process of growth and maturity so as to bear that fruit. The dot com era syndrome has conditioned us to expect instant results in every facet of life and this is often far from the reality. Success is a process not an instant ‘coffee’.

    Any great innovation will require time, diligence and consistence. If you are going to do something extra ordinary, you will need to make extra ordinary investments of time, resources and commitment. Generational pace setters are not people who merely want to stand out but rather those who diligently commit to working on their vision until they break even. They are not in a hurry for quick success but rather aiming at sustainable competitive advantage because that is what legacy is all about.

    Who is setting the pace for you and what pace are you setting?

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    1. For every purpose there is an effort and a result, the result is simply a measure of the effort. Nice one Noeline