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    Thursday 15 November 2018

    How Deep Is Your Drive To Succeed?

    For the last four years, I have committed my life to supporting young entrepreneurs to actualize their personal and career goals. I work in a space where young people are using their skills, passions and talents to provide solutions to societal challenges in a profitable way. 

    Having worked in the startup space for the last couple of years, I have come to appreciate the difference in drive and commitment that separates successful entrepreneurs from the non successful ones. 

    I have witnessed several young people with seemingly the same abilities go through the same program, only for some to take off while others die prematurely. The reasons for this outcome can be argued from various angles however one of the things that can not be refuted is their drive to succeed that keeps some on track while the lack of it leads others to the nearest exit.

    I like to ask the young people that I work with a simple question that often reveals the depth of their drive to succeed. I ask; "why do you want to succeed?". In essence I am asking about what is at stake in the eventuality that one does not succeed. The answer to that simple question always gives me a window into who is ready to fly with minimum support and who needs to be pushed out of their comfort zone. 

    Desperation like fear can be both a catalyst for action as well as an inhibitor in some cases. What you do under desperation is a refection of what you envision ahead of you. If you anticipate disaster, you will exit to safety as soon as you can and if you anticipate great possibilities you will progress forward by turning your desperation/ fear into a drive that builds your momentum.

    So today I pose and ask; "how deep is your drive to succeed?" In essence what is at stake if you don't hit your target. What is the worst that can happen if you stay on the same course instead of accelerating yourself further? What are the possibilities if you dare to challenge the status quo?

    Whatever your drive is, it will determine how fast you achieve you goals and how long you hold up against resistance. The depth of your desperation will influence the tenacity of your zeal and enthusiasm as you pursue the things you deem important in your life.

    By taking the time to analyze our drive, we are able to gauge our ability to supersede the limitations that stand in the way of our success. Resolve is a product of drive and without drive we have no tenacity to withstand resistance. Failure often times is a diversion from our core drive that got us started in the first play. To stay on track, you must stay clear about what drives you and why it is important to you.

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